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Austin Sports Center

Austin Junior Volleyball



ASC Volleyball Development Path
Cedar Park, South Austin

ASC Volleyball Path

                                                               Program Contracts and Enrollments

U12 Program Path

U15 Program Path

  1. Learn to Play - $79 Per month (Contract*)

  2. Junior Academy - $99 Per month (Contract*)

  3. Skills Training - $119 per month (Contract*)

  4. Premier Academy – (Enrollment**)

  5. Level III – Skill Specific (Enrollment**)

  6. Club Teams – (Team)

  1.  Train + Play - $149 per month (Contract*)

  2. Skills Training - $149 per month (Contract*)

  3. Premier Academy (Enrollment**)

  4. Select Academy (Enrollment**)

  5. Level III – Sport Specific (Enrollment**)

  6. Club Teams – (Team)

*Contracts are month to month payments | **Enrollments have a set start and end date


Our contracts offers 3 types of services that are 30 minutes (unless noted)

Skill Development

 Volleyball ABCs, Skill #1, Skill #2, and Skills Circuit*

Fitness Development

Fitness ABCs, Core Fitness

Game Development

Play 30, Play 60*, and Play 120**

*60 Minute Class | **120 Minute Class


Contract Name


Training Level

Training Length



Learn to Play


Level I

60 min

Volleyball ABCs + Play 30

11/6 – 5/26

Junior Academy


Level I

60 min + 2 Game

Skill #1 + Play 30 + Play 120

11/6 – 5/26

Train + Play


Level I

2 - 60 min

Skills Circuit + Play 60

11/6 – 5/26

Skills Training


Level II

90 min

Skill #1 + Skill #2 + Core Fitness

11/16 – 5/26

Skills Training


Level II

120 min

Skill Circuit + Core Fitness + Play 30

11/16 – 5/26

Level I Program

Program goal is introduce athletes to a certain sport or athletic movement. The program is centered around FUNdamentals of sports with an experienced paid coach. The stage focuses on identifying goals for the athlete and parents as well as offer tools to improve the sports experience outside of class. The curriculum is centered around a 5 point AD Assessment which focuses on communication, the two basic skills in the sport of choice and applying the skills in a partner or group setting.

Level II Program

Program designed for an athlete to have a solid foundation of sport specific skills that will help add long term value as they enter puberty and begin to grow. The body start to change between the age of 9 – 15 and our program gives lifelong skills that apply to middle through high school. The curriculum of the program focuses on four fundamental skills of a specific sport and advances the athletes through five stages creating our 20 point AD Assessment. Each program incorporates and element of fitness for 30 minutes.


Level III Program

Program for advanced skilled athletes who are looking for additional hours of training. The program is a great complement to individual training or private lessons. Program identifies the periodization cycle the athlete is in and put them in a preseason, in-season or off-season program. Programs range from 8 – 12 weeks.