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Austin Sports Center

Austin Junior Volleyball

Tournaments - Lone Star Warm Up - Venue Information

Venue Information

St. Michael's Athletic Center (SMAC)
3000 Barton Creek Blvd, 
Austin, TX 78735 

*Venue is subject to change


Facility Rules:

Building Supervisors, Tournament Coordinators, and workers are responsible for and will be enforcing these rules. Please respect our staff and our building. 


There is absolutely no outside food and/or drink allowed inside the facilities except for bottled water. The concession stand is open during the entire tournament serving breakfast tacos, muffins, bagels, fresh made deli sandwiches, nachos, popcorn, fruit smoothies and more. There is no tailgating or food set-up allowed directly along the front side of the ASC buildings. We are still allowing tailgating in our parking lot as long as teams and families clean up properly and dispose of their garbage in the dumpster at the back of the parking lot. Tailgating is not allowed in other parking spaces as parking is somewhat limited during the event. We ask for your cooperation in taking your trash to the back of the parking lot and throwing it away in the garbage dumpster. Coolers of any kind are not allowed in the Austin Sports Center building. Only water bottles are allowed. Please have your teams pick up their trash from the bench areas and team areas. Please have your parents and team fans pick up and properly dispose of their trash.

Additional Rules:

  • No gum
  • No smoking
  • No alcohol on ASC property - zero tolerance policy
  • No ball handling in the hallways
  • No outdoor chairs inside the building
  • Emergency exits are for emergencies only
  • Please do not block, gather or store equipment in or near the doorways, entrace-ways or hallways as this can become a fire hazard
  • Teams should pick a corner to store their personal gear and equipment
  • No team meetings on the courts or in the hallways
  • As soon as a match is finished it is the work team's responsibility to start the clock and conduct the coin toss; keep the tournament moving quickly